Corduroy - regular size scrunchie

Corduroy - regular size scrunchie

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twice as good scrunchies are hand sewn with high quality fabric, thread and elastic that are made to last. They provide a great hold while still gentle on hair.

There is a Quality Guarantee Program in place for all handmade products. Scroll down and click on "Quality Guarantee Program" for more information. 


twice as good scrunchies are suitable for all hair types, from straight to curly hair and thin to thick hair. All sizes have the same hold and same elastic size. 

twice as good 'oversized' scrunchies are limited edition and only come in certain styles/fabrics. They are designed with the same hold and elastic size as the classic sizes. More fabric is used, giving them more of a full look in the hair. Best suited for high ponytails, low ponytails, buns, messy buns, etc. 

twice as good 'classic' scrunchies are previously known as the 'regular' scrunchies (best sellers). Designed for a classic, timeless look. Ideal for all hair types. Best suited for high ponytails, low ponytails, buns, messy buns, etc. 

twice as good 'petite' scrunchies are designed for the more discrete vibe, using the same hold and elastic size as the classic scrunchies. Best suited for high ponytails, low ponytails, messy buns, etc. 

twice as good 'extra thin' scrunchies are made for those looking to simply replace your every day elastic. Best suited for high ponytails, low ponytails and buns. 



Play it safe. Spot wash and lay flat to air dry. A Tide to Go Pen works well in most cases. Though the elastic and stitching can withhold a machine cycle, some fabrics are more delicate than others and could cause permanent damage to your scrunchie,  

If spot cleaning doesn't cut it, hand washing in cold to lukewarm water with a little shampoo should do the job. Rinse thoroughly, ring out excess water and lay flat to air dry. 

If your scrunchie got really dirty and the above steps did not work, place scrunchie in a delicates bag, and wash on a delicate cycle with like colors. Lay flat to air dry. 

Note: All fabrics react differently to wear and washing.  Both may result in some color fading over time.